Carin Bondar Announces Candidacy for Chilliwack School Board

Biologist and Science Communicator Dr. Carin Bondar announced this morning that she will be running in the upcoming by-election to replace outgoing school trustee Dan Coulter.

Dr. Bondar, noted advocate for science literacy, STEM education (science, technology, engineering and math) and representation of minority groups, is eager to join the school board to promote inclusivity, science literacy and diverse learning styles.

“I believe I have the experience and passion to contribute to the work of the Chilliwack School District. I am excited by the prospect of pursuing local education priorities while advocating for diverse learning styles and allowing for individuals to thrive.” Dr. Bondar stated in her announcement. 

A mother to four children in the Chilliwack School District, Carin was born and raised in Maple Ridge and moved to Chilliwack, in 2005. As a resident of Chilliwack Bondar has created a body of work that clearly reflects a commitment to education and creating opportunity for others. She is an accomplished educator, most recently in the position of science communicator and adjunct biology professor at the University of the Fraser Valley. Her charity, STEM angels, is a fully registered Canadian Charity that provides childcare dollars to females in pursuit of professorship positions at Canadian universities.

In closing her announcement, Dr. Bondar stated “I am excited for the opportunity to bring cohesion to the Chilliwack School Board and refocus attention on the diverse student body and their experiences in our district. In diversity, there is strength and compassion; as such, I proudly support moving forward in the best interests of our community and school district including students, parents, teachers and all other school districts staff.”

Together we can achieve a better Chilliwack #votebondar