Dr. Carin Bondar

for Chilliwack School Board

“I am excited for the opportunity to bring cohesion to the Chilliwack School Board and refocus attention on the diverse student body and their experiences in our district. In diversity, there is strength and compassion; as such, I proudly support moving forward in the best interests of our community and school district including students, parents, teachers and all other school district staff.”


Carin stands for inclusivity, diversity & science literacy in Chilliwack education.

I believe that a strong and functioning public school system is the foundation of a democratic society. As a graduate of British Columbia’s public school system, and mother of four children who attend public school in our district, I will represent the interests of our beautifully diverse community in the following ways:


Community Endorsements

"Dr. Carin Bondar is an innovative, intelligent and well balanced candidate for School Board. Being a parent of four children in our district, an instructor at UFV and an exceptional communicator give her unique strengths that will serve our community well. I’m excited for her to utilize her extensive background in Science to the benefit of School District 33. She has my enthusiastic vote."

-Amber Price, Owner of The Bookman
"Chilliwack is changing and so are our children. We need representation in Chilliwack that will help shape our children for the future, a future of science, technology, diversity, and adversity. I believe Carin Bondar is the right person for that job. "

- Teri Westerby, President, Chilliwack Pride Society & Owner of Upswing Marketing Inc.
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Dr. Carin Bondar’s work promoting STEM education as an exciting and realistic career option to students at UFV demonstrates her commitment to education and support for students. She will be an excellent addition to the Chilliwack Board of Education. She has my support and my vote."

- Eryne Croquet, M. Sc., P. Ag., P. Geo, co-owner of Statlu Environmental Consulting, Ltd.
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Looking forward to our family's future in Chilliwack, I am excited for the chance my kids will have to be part of a school system that values unique voices and science exploration. I was a nerd, I am excited to raise little nerds in a community that will celebrate all their curiosities. Having an accomplished female scientist at the reins is such a positive example to set for the next generation. I support Carin Bondar.
- Erin Anderson
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Carin Bondar.

Biologist, Mother, Educator,
Chilliwack Community Member

A mother to four children in the Chilliwack School District, Carin was born and raised in Maple Ridge and moved to Chilliwack, in 2005. As a resident of Chilliwack, Bondar has created a body of work that clearly reflects a commitment to education and creating opportunity for others. She is an accomplished educator, most recently in the position of science  communicator and adjunct biology professor at the University of the Fraser Valley.

Carin is the writer and host of several web-based series in biology and natural sciences. Her PhD thesis in applied ecology is from the Centre of Applied Conservation Research (CACR) at the University of British Columbia. It is entitled The Ontogenetic Ecology of the Signal Crayfish, Pacifastacus Leniusculus, in a Small Temperate Stream.

Bondar has a certification in psychotherapy from the Kelowna College of Professional Counselling (2015) and she works with men and women in their first stages of sobriety from drug and alcohol addiction.

Carin also established a not-for-profit society called STEM Angels, which seeks to provide childcare dollars to mothers pursuing post-doctoral and assistant-professorship positions in STEM subjects at Canadian Universities.

Visit Carin’s professional website to see a full list of publications and accomplishments